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1928 Harley Davidson OHV 350cc – SOLD

engine no: 28BA3537

This 1928 OHV Harley Davidson 350cc was a project bike that was almost fully restored by Kevin. He collected and carefully restored its components over many years. It has only recently been put together for viewing purposes in order to show what a magnificent motorcycle it was going to be.

The 1928BA was closely related to the racing single of the day   known as a Peashooter and these too have come to be called “Peashooters”. They were sold by Harley Davidson as a speedy road bike to rival the sales of the Indian Prince at the time. Closely related to the Harley side valve ‘Pup’, the OHV version is a much rarer and faster beast.

This particular bike has matching crank-cases but has not had its engine and gearbox rebuilt yet. It is being sold with the main components for these in seperate crates along with various other parts (please be aware that the carburettor displayed in the parts photographs is no longer included in this package as a much better one was located and attached to the bike as shown).

As can be seen, this bike has most of the difficult to locate parts already such as  the switch box, front and rear stands, chromed tank plate, battery box, mudguards (fenders) and stays, ignition coil, generator, front and rear lights. It requires very few items to finish it off and most of them, such as the exhaust, are easily purchased. Some further restoration work will be required – sticky tape on the tail light is not a good look!

Note that there is also a 1926 Peashooter model in this collection. Both bikes will be available for viewing at the same place on the same day. However, the blind auction for the 1926 bike will end the following day – 24 hours after this one ends.

The two bikes look great together!

Viewing – please contact [email protected] to make an appointment

Date: Sunday 7th December, 2014

Times: between 09:30am and 16:00pm

Location: The Australian Motorlife Museum, Integral Energy Recreation Park, Darkes Rd., Kembla Grange. 2035.

If you are interested in buying this, you will need to make us an offer in writing prior to the deadline of 17:00pm AEST on Sunday 7th December, 2014. Click here for full details on the blind auction process we are using.

It is hoped that collection of this Harley project by the successful buyer may be made as soon as the following day. Buyers will be responsible for arranging and paying for all packing, packaging, freight, insurance, customs clearance, duties and taxes and any other costs incurred to transport the bike and parts from the agreed collection point. We can put you in contact with a professional international freight company which specialises in antique vehicle transport.