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1929 Velocette KTT engine parts – SOLD

It is a shame this was never built but the makings of a wonderful 1929 KTT 350cc engine are here below.

The KTT was a production racer built by the Veloce factory in Birmingham for the Isle of Man TT. Only 1000 were made over a 20 year period starting in 1929. It is said that these were the most successful 350cc race bikes in their day. This engine is from one of the earliest models.

The parts available for this engine are all shown below and it includes a barrel, 2 flywheels, cases, new and original pistons, racing carburetor etc. It was sold on ebay in October 2014.

Having handled these parts myself to photograph them, I would also like to add that you can really see the craftsmanship that went into making them all those years ago – beautiful alloys and precision made pieces. Stunning.


1926 Harley Davidson OHV ‘Peashooter’ – SOLD

This 1926 OHV Harley Davidson 350cc was a project bike that was almost fully restored by Kevin. He collected and carefully restored its components over many years. It has only recently been put together for viewing purposes in order to show what a magnificent motorcycle it was going to be.

The 1926AA was closely related to the racing single of the day   known as a Peashooter and these too have come to be called “Peashooters”. They were sold by Harley Davidson as a speedy road bike to rival the sales of the Indian Prince at the time. Closely related to the Harley side valve ‘Pup’, the OHV version is a much rarer and faster beast.

This particular bike is close to the racing form, built to run with a Bosch FF1 magneto (included) and as a result is much leaner looking than its 1928 brother on this site. It has no lights or switchbox and is year accurate with its nickling and handlebars – someone wanting to make this even sportier will probably fit the racing style handlebars of the period.

This has matching crank-cases but has not had its engine and gearbox rebuilt yet. It was sold with the main components for these in seperate crates along with various other parts. As can be seen, this bike has most of the difficult to locate parts already such as  front and rear stands, nickled tank plate, mudguards (fenders) and stays. It requires very few items to finish it off and most of them, such as the exhaust, are easily purchased. Some further restoration work will be required.

Note that there is also a 1928 Harley OHV single model in this collection which was sold seperately. The two of them look wonderful together!