1917 Henderson ‘G model’ project – SOLD

The Henderson factory was established in Detroit and started producing Henderson motorcycles from 1912. In 1917, the Henderson brothers sold the company to Schwinn and manufacture was later moved to Chicago. The G model was produced prior to the move, making it popular amongst those who collect Detroit models.

The 1917 Henderson was also a record breaker, breaking “Cannonball” Baker’s transcontinental record (across America) that had been set two years earlier on an Indian Twin. Hendersons are considered by many to have been the fastest bikes of the era and with this also classed as a veteran motorcycle in Australia, a G model Henderson is a particularly special motorcycle to own .

This is now open for offers as per our blind bidding system.  Our deadline is at 17:00 AEST on Saturday 07/03/15. Please read our instructions on the link above and email any questions you may have to karen@kbcmotorcycles,com. Please also include your phone number.

In some circumstances, we can arrange a Skype/FaceTime/google video call viewing ahead of the deadline day. Please contact us at least 48 hours ahead in order to arrange this.

We often get asked by bidders to help them with ballpark figures and we suggest that people do some research and look at what similar bikes are selling for. As a project, we obviously do not expect bids to be as high as a running bike would receive but please be aware that a veteran Detroit model 1917 Henderson, even as a project, will be a particularly collectable bike.

We tend to suggest you simply offer us the price you are prepared to pay. We also say that you shouldn’t be put off making an offer by assuming you will be beaten. You never know – you may have the winning bid!

Please follow this page to get email updates if you are interested in this bike. The link is at the bottom of the page.

9 thoughts on “1917 Henderson ‘G model’ project – SOLD”

  1. Still waiting for a reply on the 1917 Henderson project, I got the following questions:
    – when will this bike on auction,
    – what will be the starting price or is there maybe a reserved price on
    – where is the project located
    Kind regards, Chris Bastiaansen

    1. Hi Chris,
      Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
      The 1917 Henderson project will be up for auction on this site very soon. It will be open for best offers. The project is located just south of Sydney Australia.

  2. I have just found an original booklet for the G model which I will add to the project. I have also take more photos of the frame and both sides of the main engine – note, this comes with 2 engines, one of which has been cut down and one is still complete. Also found a small box of extra valves and valve springs to go with it.

  3. Note that deadline for offers for this project bike is today at AEST 17:00. Please note that I had added additional photos as requested so if you haven’t looked in a while, please review the photos above prior to submitting your bid.

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