How to purchase

Some of the motorcycles and motorcycle projects on this website are being put up for sale. They will be auctioned in one of two ways, either:

1. directly by us, or

2. through eBay.

When a bike/project comes up for sale, details of its method of sale will appear on its individual page just above its picture gallery. We will also publish the deadline and the date for any viewing that is being offered.

To find out what is currently available just click directly on the ‘Available for purchase’ menu-link above.

How our direct auction works

If you are interested in purchasing one of the motorcycles which we are selling directly (ie, not through ebay), these are being auctioned by us in a blind auction process. Unlike regular auctions or ebay, the bidding will not be made public so you will need to send us your best offer.

Your offer must reach us prior to the closing time and date specified for the particular bike.

Offers must be made in writing and emailed to [email protected] from your official (or main) email address. All offers must include the following information:

  • Your full name and address
  • Day and evening contact phone number/s (including dialling codes)
  • The name of the item you are bidding on as it is listed on our website
  • Your best offer in $Australian dollars

We will email you back to confirm that we have received it. If you do not hear from us then you must assume we have not received your email or your offer. We may also request further evidence to verify your identity and sincerity of the offer.

You can obviously revise your offer or cancel it at any point prior to the deadline and we can also refuse to accept offers if we do not deem them to be genuine.

We will have set our own undisclosed reserves on the motorcycle and if it is not reached by the deadline then there will be no sale agreed. We also reserve the right to withdraw the bike from the sale at any point.

Collection, transport, packing and freight costs, customs clearance, insurance, fees and taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Transfer of ownership will be deemed to have taken place upon collection from our collection site.

We are not dealers. The bikes that are being sold have been part of the family for years and we wish them to have a good new home. Please do not contact us with specific questions about the parts as they are in storage. The photographs should be viewed carefully. However, feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about the general provenance of the project/bike or about the offer process outlined above. I can be emailed at [email protected].


13 thoughts on “How to purchase”

  1. Hello
    can you give me a little more info on the Henderson KJ
    is the engine complete with all the internals? What is missing of the bike? what price do you have in mind?

    1. The engine is not built but is 99% complete. The full kit will be shown on the website soon and it will open for bids then it will be up to those who are interested to then send through their best offer to us by the deadline we state. You should be ale to get an idea of what you feel it is worth to you when all that information has been supplied on the site.

  2. Hi
    Can you please advise when or if you put the 1929 K J Henderson on the market. I would be very interested in purchasing this motorcycle

    Many Thanks


  3. Hello Karen
    could you please inform me when the KJ Henderson is available for viewing and for sale. cheers.

  4. Hi,
    I always interested on Henderson and american bike parts (original any condition) I´m not a Harley man.
    Can you mail me photos and the price for it. Perhaps a package price for all Henderson parts.

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